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Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd.
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热压罐 碳纤维热压罐 复合材料热压罐 等新型节能设备,同时提供热压罐租赁或复合材料产品代加工,公司生产的 热压罐 碳纤维热压罐 复合材料热压罐 等产品经久耐用安全可靠,经济节能,绿色环保。 The products of Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. mainly include new energy-saving equipment such as autoclave , carbon fiber autoclave , composite material autoclave, etc., and also provide autoclave lease or composite material product processing. The company produces autoclave , Carbon fiber autoclave , composite material autoclave and other products are durable, safe, reliable, economical, energy saving, and environmentally friendly. It is a modern new-type enterprise based on design, manufacturing and installation. According to customer needs, we can provide customers with excellent product system solutions in a short time.
The autoclave produced by Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. is widely used in aerospace, weaponry, electronics industry and other fields. It is the key equipment for high temperature curing molding of composite materials (carbon fiber / resin aramid / resin, etc.). According to the molding and process requirements of different products, the temperature and pressure can be monitored online in real time.
The company's product types include autoclave (composite autoclave, laboratory autoclave, civilian autoclave, military autoclave), vulcanization tank, sterilization equipment, autoclave, etc. The company has mature technology, advanced equipment, strict management, dedicated staff, strong domestic and foreign well-known cooperative manufacturers.
The company's product quality is stable and its reputation is good. The products sell well in more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities and regions, and enter the international market. Established with the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and neighboring countries of China (Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia), etc. Long-term partnership.

Our company enjoys a good reputation among domestic and foreign users based on "the interests of users are above all else and everything is for the sake of customers." For a long time, the company has always adhered to the "quality first, credit first, service first" business philosophy and dedication to serve new and old customers. With the goal of “paying close attention to quality and credibility, strengthening management and striving for first-rate”, we forge ahead and strive to open up the market. All employees of the company are willing to work closely with new and old friends to work together to develop a grand future with excellent products, good service and sincere attitude.

If you have the needs of the equipment produced by our company or you have any good projects to seek cooperation buddies, you can contact our company at any time. Our company welcomes people from all sessions to negotiate and guide the work. You can visit the website 24-hour hotline to contact us at any time.

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Address: North Section of Luhe Avenue, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province
Phone: 15095220299 Fax: 0536-6067766
Main Products: Composite autoclave | Carbon fiber autoclave
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Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional autoclave manufacturer. We provide free on-site commissioning and technical guidance. Our company has a strong service team and its own production plant. Customers can see our heat at any time. The manufacturing site of the autoclave equipment allows users to purchase with ease and worry.

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