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What should be included in an autoclave contract

人气:507 发表时间:2019-07-24 10:31:37 Article source: Xintai autoclave popularity : 507Published time: 2019-07-24 10:31:37

Naturally, the purchase of autoclaves requires a contract. There are two common ways to sign a contract. One is to sign in person, and the other is to fax each other's stamps. The former is usually a purchaser who comes to our factory directly. Signing, but not as convenient as the latter, although direct but general corporate seals are not allowed to bring the factory, so the latter method is more used. In addition to these, the content of the autoclave contract should also be very important. Generally, the autoclave manufacturer has a standard contract. When signing, only the customer's configuration needs to be changed. Below we introduce the contents of the contract in addition to some standard formats.


1. Specifications: The specifications of the autoclave are changed almost every time, and the specifications on each contract are also different.

2. Freight: The freight needs to be restricted from which party, but whoever pays the freight can help us find a car from our local area.

3. Product technical requirements: In addition to the previous specifications, we need to write in detail about the design pressure, design temperature, material, thickness, insulation, power, fan, control method, etc.

4. Warranty: The supplier needs to write the quality guarantee, for example, after-sales service and the arrival inspection method can be written.

5. Payment method: Generally, there are strict rules. Ordinary manufacturers will ship 30% of the deposit in full, and some large enterprises can specialize in it.

6. Equipment debugging: Equipment debugging and some receptions for commissioning staff on business trips.

7. Liability for breach of contract and solution: Although it is generally not used, we still have to constrain it, especially the problem of long-term non-collection of customers after the production is completed.

8. Other agreed matters: Our contract generally writes some information that we need to issue, etc., to give customers a guarantee.


The above is the introduction of the content of the autoclave contract that we bring to you today. Thank you for reading. When you buy autoclave, we come to Xintai to make a purchase. Our equipment is believed that you can understand our use. Quality assurance system, we are mainly to provide customers with long-term equipment, rather than selling at low prices. Our equipment only pursues cost-effectiveness and does not arbitrarily delete additional equipment. The use of low prices misleads customers to purchase and use it with confidence.
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