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Precautions for autoclave repair

人气:508 发表时间:2019-07-27 11:29:09 Article source: Xintai Autoclave Popularity: 508Post time: 2019-07-27 11:29:09

It is inevitable that the equipment will be repaired during use. The structure of the autoclave equipment is so complicated that problems will occur during use. The most common problem is that some accessories can be replaced, and some mechanical devices are long-term. It is also normal for the wear and tear to occur due to improper maintenance. We will talk about the hot-press tank maintenance precautions today, so that everyone can know the equipment maintenance in the days of using the auto-press tank.


1. The main body of the pressure vessel must not be repaired or modified by itself: the pressure vessel is not allowed to be modified in accordance with regulations after leaving the factory. As for the maintenance, we also need to find a company that specializes in this or our after-sales service.

2. Equipment accessories can be replaced by oneself: when replacing, you must have professional maintenance personnel to replace them according to the same brand model specifications. If the specifications are different, it is also possible but we can not guarantee its quality, and key equipment needs to go through our manufacturers. Can only be used with permission.

3. It is recommended to take photos in advance when performing maintenance so that you can remember the location of each line well. If you do not understand the line, do not repair it. We will have a special equipment drawing for reference when purchasing the equipment. Maintenance work, remember to clean up the dust in time to avoid short circuit.

4. Important parts such as safety valves and seals are not allowed to be filled with poor quality parts. We recommend that you purchase these parts from our equipment manufacturers to avoid using low quality parts to cause safety problems or the service life is too short.


The above is the hot-press tank maintenance precautions brought to you by Zhucheng Xintai. In fact, we recommend that you contact our after-sales service as much as possible when performing repairs. We have a service phone on the nameplate of each device. In order to make it easier for our customers to contact us, the cost lies in the replacement of parts. If there is a problem during the work, the quality of this can can cause problems. The autoclave is itself a composite material. If such a problem occurs, then the loss is still considerable.
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