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Autoclave construction scheme

人气:536 发表时间:2019-08-01 16:14:54 Article Source: Xintai Autoclave Popularity: 536Published Time: 2019-08-01 16:14:54

After the autoclave is purchased, it will be constructed. This construction plan contains many requirements. From the site to the subsequent long-term use, there should be a corresponding plan. The autoclave equipment has a long life span, so we It is necessary to do some work once and for all during the installation. Let's take a look at the important issues in the autoclave construction plan from the perspective of our autoclave manufacturers.


1. The hoisting and running must be stable to prevent the devices in the tank from having an impact under huge impact forces. The more points of the equipment during hoisting, the better.

2. When installing, please have experienced staff to perform the installation, and also have personnel with relevant experience in the operation of the autoclave to intervene, so that we can use the equipment in the future when it is more convenient to operate and other issues.

3. The equipment should be installed horizontally to avoid the influence caused by the emphasis. You can use a spirit level to measure the level of the equipment.

4. After the power cord is introduced, if you do n’t know it well, do n’t connect it according to your situation. We will have a special after-sales staff to rush to the factory for wiring and test service soon.

5. After the autoclave is installed, it is better not to move the position, so as not to cause metal fatigue when lifting.

6. If you don't understand the equipment, you should first contact the autoclave manufacturer Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd.


The above briefly talked about the autoclave construction scheme. If you do n’t understand anything in this regard, we think that the first thing you should consult is its manufacturer to avoid any problems in the entire process and affect future use. We recommend that customers be more careful when installing and save more time in the future.
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