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What is the reason why the autoclave does not maintain the vacuum

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The autoclave is also called a vacuum autoclave. It can be said that the working process is indispensable to the vacuum process. The general hot press process has a vacuum process. If the vacuum is not maintained, it is generally a problem, but it should not It will be the cause of the tank. Regular companies such as Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd. can release the autoclave after passing the inspection of the special inspection institute, so the product quality is guaranteed, but you need to look at the corresponding pipeline. Aspects.
It is true that vacuum bags may use vacuum bags. Let's talk about the knowledge of autoclave vacuum, which can be considered to understand why the autoclave does not maintain vacuum.
The vacuum bag combination system requires the use of a variety of auxiliary materials, including two hollow bag materials (modified nylon film or polyamine film), rubber seals with porous or porous isolation films (polytetrafluoroethylene or modified fluoroplastic). Adhesive absorbent material, breathable material, release cloth and surrounding tape, etc. The blank and various auxiliary materials are sequentially combined and packaged to form a vacuum combined system. In the combination process, the amount of glue-absorbing material should be accurately calculated. The vacuum bag should not be too small or too large, and it is suitable for stretching. After bagging, vacuum leak detection should be performed to determine its correctness before the autoclave door can be closed and locked for heating and curing.
Vacuum pump is an important device in the autoclave vacuum system. When using a vacuum pump, you must pay attention to the following points:
1. An absorption device must be installed between the distillation system and the vacuum pump.
2. The vapor of organic solvent in the system must be completely extracted with a pump before distillation.
3. If you can pump air, try to use a pump. If the distillate contains volatile substances, you can use the pump to reduce the pressure and then switch to the oil pump.
4. The pressure reducing system must be closed. All rubber plugs should be of the proper size and channel. The rubber tube should be made of vacuum rubber tube.
Through the introduction we have brought you above, you can probably understand the reason why the autoclave does not maintain the vacuum, and calculate it. You can use the inverse calculation algorithm to think about the corresponding cause and eliminate it. I can only squeeze the internal resin by pressure to integrate it. I hope that all customers' equipment can serve you well. If you have any questions about the vacuum autoclave, we will always welcome you. Come and contact us to find out.
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