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Application of military autoclave on aircraft

人气:217 发表时间:2019-11-01 15:43:24 Article Source: Xintai Autoclave Popularity : 217Time: 2019-11-01 15:43:24

The materials produced by the military autoclave can be used not only in military aircraft, but also in passenger aircraft. For example, the dry fiber resin impregnation process is characterized by the use of liquid resin to inject dry fibers under pressure and then forming and curing. The process uses a curing furnace instead of relying on an autoclave. It can save a lot of fiber pre-impregnation, transportation and storage costs, lower equipment investment and energy consumption, and has the advantages of less investment, lower energy consumption, and lighter weight. This is also an important feature that it can be used in aircraft, because it is often used in aircraft, and one of the main production of this material is military autoclave.
In the production of military autoclaves , a composite village material forming technology was used. It was produced many years ago, but has received widespread attention in recent years, and is used in the manufacture of main bearing components of commercial aircraft. The speed of the process of non-autoclave tank forming technology, how large the scope of influence, and what situation will eventually form, it also depends on many factors such as market environment, technology, and manufacturing maturity. Composite materials can replace irreversible aluminum alloys.
The vigorous development of the military autoclave has a lot to do with its material. It is light in weight but can reach high rigidity procedures, especially on airplanes, and also on some drones. It has also achieved a good application. Not only that, the material can also be seen on some bicycles and sports servers. With the emergence of more composite materials and military autoclaves, great developments are foreseen.
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