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High temperature autoclave

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  • High temperature autoclave

High temperature autoclave

Product category: High temperature autoclave
Product introduction: The high-temperature autoclave has a high-temperature heating environment in the process of hot-press curing. In fact, most of the current autoclaves are high-temperature autoclaves. Nowadays, most materials for autoclave equipment related to the entire market are made. A high-temperature environment is indispensable, so high-temperature autoclave is one of the equipment occupying one of the main markets of this type of equipment. If you have the demand for this equipment, you can continue to pay attention to our website.
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At present, the molds suitable for high temperature autoclave medium temperature forming composite materials are mainly the following: aluminum molds, steel molds, carbon fiber / epoxy composite molds. 度合作要求较高、并且产值不大的复合材料构件可用碳纤维/环氧复合资料模具;关于尺度精度要求不太高的构件或平板产品,铝制模具最为 适用; In general, carbon fiber / epoxy composite data molds can be used for composite components with high requirements for dimensional accuracy cooperation and small production value; for components or flat products with less high dimensional accuracy requirements, aluminum molds are the most suitable;

However, in the product batch, the components with high scale accuracy require the selection of steel molds to be the most economical and useful. 结构有关,还与其他组分(固化剂、交联促进剂等)有关,外界条件一温度、压力和时刻要素对固化成型起着重要的效果,通常称这三个要素 为工艺参数。 Basic process parameters Compound information The curing of carcass resins is not only related to the molecular structure of the resin , but also to other components (curing agents, cross-linking accelerators, etc.). External conditions such as temperature, pressure and time play a role in curing and molding. Important effects, these three elements are usually called process parameters. As far as the pressure required for curing domestic and foreign resin systems is concerned, except for polyimide, the curing pressure is generally within the range of 0.3-0.6M Pa. 艺的热压话其运用压力一般小于1.6MPa,属于二类低压容器。 Hot pressing used for composite material molding process generally has an operating pressure of less than 1.6 MPa, which belongs to the second class of low pressure vessels.

可分为三个阶段:活动阶段,凝胶阶段和固化阶段,并且这一过程均是处在必定温度下进行的。 From the viewpoint of some of the most commonly used molding processes for high-temperature autoclave, the entire process of transforming the matrix resin from a linear structure to a three-dimensional network structure can be divided into three phases: the active phase, the gel phase, and the curing phase, and this A process is carried out at a certain temperature. 材料基体树脂的固化温度最高在180士50C的规模。 According to literature reports, the curing temperature of important domestic composite matrix resins for aerospace structures is up to 180 ± 50C. It is appropriate to set the maximum operating temperature of the high-temperature autoclave to 2500C. 上限温度。 This temperature is the domestic upper limit temperature for this type of equipment . Dispersion of temperature field: Air mixing and recirculating nozzles are provided inside the autoclave tank. Its primary function is to make the tank uniform. 于热交换目标不同(模具的巨细与原料,复合资料的厚度与平面尺度,辅助材料的层数等),往往产生罐内温度与资料实践温度有较大差异。 For autoclave, especially large high-temperature autoclave, due to different heat exchange goals (size and material of the mold, thickness and plane size of the composite material, number of layers of auxiliary materials, etc.), the temperature inside the tank and There are large differences in the data practice temperature. Accurately measuring the appearance, spreading and bridging of this temperature difference is the basic condition for determining reasonable process parameters. 孔隙、气孔、富脂、贫胶、脱粘、疏松、弱粘、变形其间分层所占份额最高,超越,气孔、孔隙的份额也比较高,其他缺点份额相对较低。 Disadvantages The major shortcomings in the research of composite data products are, in order from high to low, stratification, pores, pores, fat rich, lean rubber, debonding, looseness, weak adhesion, and deformation. Among them, stratification has the highest share, surpassing, The share of stomata and pores is relatively high, and the share of other disadvantages is relatively low. 分层缺点是热压罐成型工艺中最首要的缺点方式。 Therefore, the disadvantage of layering is the most important disadvantage in the autoclave forming process. When the data system is common, the layering is mainly affected by the structural mode and process conditions of the composite material components.

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