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Military autoclave

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Autoclave for military industry-Zhucheng Xintai autoclave manufacturer
  • Military autoclave

Military autoclave

Product Category: Military autoclave
Product introduction: The military autoclave refers to the thermocompression curing equipment specially used for military production, such as some bulletproof vests, military equipment, etc. The main reason is the application of carbon fiber materials in cutting-edge technology, and the technology of military autoclave More advanced and stricter parameter requirements are a testimony to the strength of the enterprise. The military autoclave of Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. has been sold to military enterprises many times and is a reliable autoclave manufacturer.
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The quality of military autoclave is strict. If you want to buy, please choose a professional pressure vessel and vulcanizer manufacturer like Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. The vacuum system, temperature system and pressure system of military autoclave are very strict. Let's take a vacuum system as an example to make some introductions of this equipment:
The vacuum system of the military autoclave consists of a vacuum pump, a vacuum pumping line, a vacuum measuring line, a backup line, and a vacuum buffer. Each channel of vacuum is composed of pressure sensor, pneumatic valve and manual valve. Each vacuum has a pressure leak and suffers.
Vacuum line: Each vacuum tube is formed by pumping and testing gas lines. Located on the side of the autoclave. The vacuum pipeline has the relative independence of working alone. When any empty pipeline fails, the vacuum pipeline can be cut off to reduce the impact on the entire vacuum system and other vacuum pipelines. Measures to ensure the stability and safety of the vacuum system.
Evacuate 1-20 channels, measure 1-20 channels of vacuum, separate by pumping and testing, and control the X empty pump and its empty valve group by PLC to realize the process requirements.
Vacuum pump: equipped according to the equipment.
Vacuum buffer tank: equipped according to the size of the equipment.
Since military autoclave equipment is a custom-made equipment, so many things cannot be directly explained, and more is based on customer needs. We provide corresponding solutions. If you have the idea to purchase the equipment, we We still recommend that you contact us directly.

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