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What is the pressure of carbon fiber autoclave

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Pressure is an important process index for the carbon fiber autoclave when it is working. Only under pressure can we solidify the products that need to be cured in the tank, so customers must inevitably ask when consulting the equipment. Understand that this pressure is actually that we, as equipment manufacturers, provide users with a range, and then users work within this range and use their own processes to produce their own products.


The general pressure of carbon fiber autoclave is between 0.5mpa ~ 5.0mpa, but this is only a normal situation. If we need higher pressure, we can use some special materials to make the equipment more pressure-resistant, such as stainless steel. Materials, but the pressure can not reach the peak in our daily production, the carbon fiber autoclave equipment produced by our Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd. can generally meet the requirements easily. Let ’s not underestimate this pressure. Pressure is closely related to safety. Although some manufacturers have marked the pressure as such, they know that the thickness of the steel plate of the pressure vessel is reduced because they know that the customer will not use it very much, which saves costs. Price, but the customer will inevitably experience corrosion of the tank and other equipment during the use process, which will inevitably reduce the service life of the equipment. At this time, the bad manufacturers will shirk the responsibility of the customer's process and use problems. We at Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd assure you that we manufacture in strict accordance with relevant requirements. You can safely purchase our equipment.


Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. is a company that is fully responsible for the development and production of carbon fiber autoclave tanks. We purchase our equipment from beginning to end, whether it is the initial research and development planning, the intermediate production and transportation, and subsequent follow-up services. We do it ourselves, so Xintai equipment is worth your purchase. Hurry up and contact our manager Li through the contact information on the website, we will quote for you for free.
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