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Introduction of autoclave structure

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Although the hot-pressed tank is called a tank, it is not just a tank. It has multiple systems and complex designs. Some customers say that the price of a tank is just so expensive. In fact, such customers It's not really bought in itself, but also to let everyone better understand the device. Today we will specifically introduce it to you. The following is the structure of the autoclave.


(1) Tank body: high-pressure, high-temperature tank environment is formed by the tank body, tank door mechanism, high-temperature motor, and duct insulation layer.

(2) Safety interlocking device: automatic pressure interlocking, manual interlocking, high pressure alarm device.

(3) Quick-opening device: Manual and electric dual-purpose quick-opening door design. When the power is off, the mechanical principle can be used to open and close the tank door normally.

(4) Sealing device: The tank door adopts a gas-filled seal. This way, the sealing ring will not be worn when the tank door is opened and closed, which makes it have a long service life and good sealing performance.

(5) Pressure system: Compressor, gas storage tank, pressure control valve, pipeline, pressure transmitter and pressure gauge are composed of pressure transmission and control system.

(6) Heating system: stainless steel electric heating tube, high-temperature fan, duct board, insulation layer, and temperature control system. The heating power meets the high temperature requirements and heating rate requirements of the cavity.

(7) Temperature circulation system: It consists of circulation fans, deflectors, etc., which can accelerate the heat flow and circulation during the work process to form a uniform temperature field.

(8) Vacuum system: It is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum gauge and vacuum valve, etc., and provides vacuum conditions for packaging composite prefabricated parts.

(9) Carbon fiber autoclave automatic control system: Use the automatic control system to achieve high-precision control and real-time recording of process parameters such as pressure, temperature, and cooling.


From the structure of the autoclave above, we can see that the equipment's composition is simple. Each composition also has a complex design. Some are designed and manufactured by ourselves, and some are standard parts. If you need, we welcome you to purchase from our Zhucheng Xintai. Since the autoclave is a non-standard equipment, you need to customize the specifications every time. You are welcome to contact us for customization.
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