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Autoclave process simulation technology

人气:353 发表时间:2019-08-23 17:40:21 Article source: Xintai autoclave popularity : 353Published time: 2019-08-23 17:40:21

Autoclave equipment is the key equipment for autoclave curing. Its process requirements are very strict, and the quality requirements of equipment are also strict. Autoclave equipment should be more stable than ordinary pressure vessel equipment design. The interior is also more complicated. We in Zhucheng Xintai are specialized in manufacturing the equipment. Today we introduce the simulation technology of the autoclave.


The simulation of autoclave is not forgery and the like, but it is used to replace part of the test mold work. Use this method to predict the results of the test mold, and use simulation to simulate the inside of the equipment during the process? In some cases, such as flow field, temperature field, curing process, etc., a large number of simulation experiments can be performed to optimize the process parameters of the equipment and mold to achieve some experimental data without trial production.

Now there is a process knowledge base and expert system specially established for the autoclave process simulation. For simulation applications, there are now FEM and CFD simulation methods. The effect is good. Flow field conditions, temperature field distribution, prepreg curing process, and final workpiece deformation and residual stress. After conducting a large number of virtual simulation experiments, a neural network can be used to build a knowledge base and expert system of the autoclave process, which can guide the placement of tooling parts, tooling design, and optimization of many process parameters, and fundamentally change the hot pressing Design method of tank process plan.


In fact, not all manufacturers are very necessary to use autoclave simulation. Many manufacturers will still buy a laboratory autoclave for their process experiments. The main reason is that the software for simulation is also very expensive. For specific requirements, we Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. is a pressure vessel manufacturer for making autoclave equipment. If you have equipment requirements, welcome to come and take a look at us.
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