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Development model and direction of military autoclave

人气:146 发表时间:2019-11-01 16:26:13 Article Source: Xintai Autoclave Popularity: 146Time: 2019-11-01 16:26:13

Although the military autoclave has appeared for many years, it is still in the process of development, mainly because the materials it produces are also in a development trend, in addition to the use in military industry in our daily life. The application of composite materials is also increasing. The military autoclave is mainly used to process carbon fiber materials. There is a strict process in the tank. After the production is completed, we call it a composite material. It has extremely light weight and extremely Strong hardness, previously only used in some cutting-edge fields. In recent years, it has gradually become closely related to our production. It is foreseeable that in the near future, the device will be more and more widely used with materials. Now we know in advance the development mode and direction of military autoclave.
1. Establishing a development model applicable to military autoclave, we have to admit that in the past few years, compared with European and American countries, there are large gaps in military autoclave manufacturing technology in this new material. The main reason is that The level of China's transformation of science and technology into productivity is low. Compared with the European and American aviation industries, China's aviation companies have not yet become the main body of real science and technology to transform productivity, and technology has transformed into a productivity system. In recent years, we have gradually established military autoclave tanks, carried out research and innovation in an organized and planned way in the development strategy, and increased investment in related enterprises, which is very meaningful for long-term development.
2. Achieve wider application of composite materials. With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for carbon fiber is increasing, and more research institutions are required to join in. In addition to institutional sector research, manufacturers should also be supported to establish their own laboratories to conduct research. .
3. Vigorously develop low-cost manufacturing technology. At present, the price is still a problem that hinders the development of military autoclaves. It is difficult to achieve lower prices mainly on the materials produced. In fact, the current profit of this material is still very large. Vigorously develop low-cost manufacturing technology. Second, there is more competition among manufacturers, and prices will naturally fall.
4. Develop research and innovation in manufacturing process technology. The widespread use of foreign military autoclaves on aircraft has benefited from the development and maturity of manufacturing equipment and process technology. Therefore, China should pay attention to the planning and development of mechanization and automatic manufacturing technologies (such as automatic tape laying technology and automatic fiber laying technology), and improve the flexibility of production equipment to increase the productivity of military autoclave. Attention is drawn to the experience in other fields, and low-cost automated manufacturing technologies such as winding and pultrusion are appropriately used in aircraft parts manufacturing to fill this gap.
5, using efficient and environmentally friendly molding technology, due to the large-scale application of military autoclaves, it is increasingly urgent to improve its cutting and molding technology. When cutting carbon fiber composite materials by traditional methods, the dust is large, the pollution is high, and the end faces are easy to burn. The molding margin needs to be removed again. Therefore, automatic CNC high-pressure water cutting technology should be promoted. Cutting and molding are completed at one time, production efficiency and quality Significantly increased.
6. Carry out research and application of non-destructive testing technology. In order to ensure the safety, reliability and post-delivery maintainability of products, non-destructive testing technology (ultrasonic, ray, laser ultrasound, etc.) is used to inspect components to find out Defects such as delamination, debonding, pores, cracks, and impact damage in the structure of military autoclave tanks, and the qualitative and quantitative judgments of the defects are given to provide a basis for process analysis.
The above is the development mode and direction of the military autoclave. Of course, this is based on our own ideas. Maybe the manufacturers still have their own views. We also welcome you to communicate with us, just like us. The equipment produced by the factory is constantly receiving feedback from customers to continuously improve our equipment design. If you need military autoclave equipment, don't forget to contact us.
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