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Power consumption of autoclave

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The autoclave requires a lot of power when it is working. This mainly has several devices to continuously consume power, but because the actual situation does not know the specific design of the equipment, specific values cannot be given because the equipment does not have the corresponding Standards, the vast majority of cases are customized according to their own circumstances. The following is an introduction to the power consumption of the autoclave, so that customers can understand what parts of the equipment require power.
1. Automatic control system: There is not much electricity consumption in this respect, which can be almost ignored in comparison.
2. Vacuum pump: The autoclave generally has a multi-channel vacuum design, and a vacuum pump is required to evacuate.
3. Air compressor: This equipment is provided because pressure needs to be added to the tank during curing. However, many manufacturers have special gas line pipes, so the equipment may not be configured separately for each autoclave.
4. Electric heating tube: Heat is an important parameter when the autoclave is working. It consumes a large amount of power. The main source of power consumption of this equipment is the electric heating tube. The electric heating tube continuously generates heat to melt the resin for heating. Pressure curing, in order to save electricity, there is a heat preservation design on the autoclave.
If you want to get more detailed information about the power consumption of the autoclave, you can contact us at any time through the contact information on the website.
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