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Suitcase autoclave

Product Category: Suitcase autoclave
Product introduction: Suitcase autoclave is a material production equipment for high-end suitcases. The material produced by this equipment is light in weight but high in hardness. Then it is applied to suitcases to achieve good anti-break and anti-theft functions. As people now pay more and more attention to travel, hot-pressed tanks for suitcases have also developed very well.
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The travel box autoclave is a kind of process equipment for the characteristics of the polymer-based composite material forming process. The method of using this equipment for the forming process is called autoclave forming. Autoclave molding is the main method for manufacturing continuous fiber-reinforced thermosetting composites. It is currently widely used in the molding of advanced composite structures, honeycomb sandwich structures, and metal or composite bonded structures, and these materials can be used in The suitcase makes the whole suitcase very sturdy, even the knife cannot cut through. When the material is molded, it is solidified by using the uniform temperature and uniform pressure provided in the autoclave at the same time, so a composite material product with a high surface and internal quality disk, a complex shape and a large area can be obtained.
Nowadays, as people travel more and more convenient, the sales of suitcases are getting higher and higher, and people are increasingly pursuing high-quality suitcases. Among them, suitcases using carbon fiber materials have been widely welcomed. The relatively advanced technology of this material makes the price of such equipment high, so more and more manufacturers have joined it, and at the same time, it has also driven the development of the autoclave market for suitcases. If you also have such project needs At the same time you need such equipment, you can contact the autoclave manufacturer Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd. to understand and purchase the equipment.
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