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Auto parts autoclave

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  • Auto parts autoclave

Auto parts autoclave

Product Category: Auto parts autoclave
Product introduction: Auto parts autoclave is a device that focuses on the production of carbon fiber auto parts. Now many auto parts use carbon fiber materials. The use of this material has high hardness and light weight, which is very suitable for auto parts and auto parts autoclave. The products produced are actually carbon fiber auto parts. This is the application of a new material. If you want to better understand auto parts autoclave tanks, please continue to pay attention to our website.
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Auto parts autoclave is specially used to produce carbon fiber materials for auto parts. Although these parts have a higher price, the changes in the quality of cars brought by them are huge, especially for the weight reduction of cars.

Automotive lightweighting can be achieved through lightweight materials, lightweight structures, and lightweight manufacturing technologies. Among many lightweight materials, carbon fiber composites have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties: specific strength (ratio of strength to density), specific modulus (ratio of modulus to density), and specific energy absorption (effectively destroying unit mass within length) Absorbed energy) is high. Under the principle of equal rigidity or equal strength design, the carbon fiber composite structure solidified by auto-pressing the autoclave with auto parts is 50% lighter than the low carbon steel structure, and it is lighter than magnesium / aluminum alloy structure. Reduce weight by 30%, meanwhile, it can reduce the number of assembly parts; it has good resistance to trace labor, corrosion resistance, and long service life of parts. Although the high cost of carbon fiber and the complicated manufacturing process have greatly restricted the application of carbon fiber composite materials in automobiles. The development of key technologies for the design and manufacture of carbon fiber composite automotive parts has become a strategic measure for energy conservation, environmental protection, and transformation and upgrading of the Chinese automotive industry. The "Made in China 2025" issued by the State Council in 2015 has clearly identified carbon fiber composite automotive parts technology as energy-saving An important development direction in the field of energy vehicles.

With the continuous development and research and development of related materials, the cost of carbon fiber materials will further decline, so auto parts autoclave applications will become more and more extensive, carbon fiber auto parts will enter every family, if you have this type of project Or you want to know our equipment in advance, you can contact the autoclave manufacturer Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. at any time.

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