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    人数: 10人 学历:不限 时间: 2018-08-21 Position: Sales manager of autoclave tank : 10 people Education: Unlimited time: 2018-08-21

    work description:

    1. Responsible for the related work of selling autoclave products. You can sell carbon fiber autoclaves, composite autoclaves and other products according to your own wishes, as long as the equipment produced by regular sales enterprises can be sold;

    部门主管完成相关的网站的维护工作; 2.Responsible for cooperating with the supervisor of the autoclave sales department to complete the maintenance of related websites;

    3. Responsible for publishing, tracking, and summarizing management work content according to the requirements of supervisors, and pass it to relevant departments;

    4. Responsible for tracking the progress of the use of the autoclave purchased by the customer and summarizing the feedback of various problems together;

    5. Responsible for sniffing the market and discovering new promising products in a timely manner. Our company has strong production strength, and we can first prepare for R & D and production of equipment in the machinery industry;

    job requirements:

    1. Can accept freshmen who have no relevant experience, as long as they have a sense of responsibility and want to do something;

    2. Obey company management. If it is necessary to travel on business during the business, you should go to the customer to conduct field negotiations to ensure that the business can be achieved.

    3, can quickly accept the company's products, for example, if you want to sell autoclave equipment, you must first understand the equipment, so staff are required to be quickly familiar with the various characteristics of the product;

    4. It is required to focus on the interests of the company, and do not allow business negotiations to transfer goods from other places during the tenure;

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    Address: North Section of Luhe Avenue, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province
    Phone: 15095220299 Fax: 0536-6067766
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