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    Introduction to the core features of autoclave

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    There are many types of autoclaves in the entire market. Most of them are the same. The difference is some details. If a customer wants to make a purchase, it may cause a dazzling situation. Various equipment and many salespersons Under the guidance of the standard, it is easy to deviate from the mainstream autoclave guide. Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the core features of the autoclave at the moment. No matter how the equipment is purchased, the core features must be introduced. Figure it out.


    1. High safety: At present, many equipments have functions such as automatic pressure safety interlock, manual safety interlock, automatic pressure relief and pressure control device, manual exhaust valve, ultra-high pressure automatic alarm and other functions. The higher the safety performance, the better. .

    2. The sealing effect of the tank door is good: many tank doors adopt inflatable fluorine rubber seals, as long as there is pressure in the tank, there will be no air leakage, and the higher the pressure, the better the seal will be, which solves the tank door leakage and the use of sealing rings The problem is that the service life of the seal ring is extended and the safety belt is brought to a new level.

    3. The tank door is safe and convenient: the manual door opening method can be realized by turning the flange to open or close the tank door. Although there are various auxiliary door opening methods to choose, in fact, manual door opening is the safest, so we recommend using it as much as possible. The way to open the door manually, of course, everything is customized according to customer needs.

    4. Uniform temperature and pressure: Only when the temperature in the tank is uniform, the quality and balance of the product are good, and the pass rate is higher, so this is the guarantee of product quality.

    Although the above is the core feature of the autoclave, it is actually the minimum requirement of the autoclave produced by Zhucheng Xintai. If you want to buy the autoclave, you can consult our Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd. to make a quotation. The quality of our products Strict control, and strive to produce better quality autoclave equipment for customers.
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