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    Detailed explanation of composite autoclave forming process

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    The composite autoclave has only been widely promoted in recent times. Before this type of equipment was used but not much used. After about two thousand years, the market demand has increased, and there are also domestic like Materials Co., Ltd., a pressure vessel manufacturer that manufactures this equipment, many customers used to buy equipment from abroad. In recent years, China's development rate is obvious and more manufacturers of composite autoclaves A lot. Composite materials are widely used in our daily life, but the applications are not very widespread, and not many people know the material. But we believe that soon more people will come to know the material.


    Composite autoclave is the key process equipment for producing non-metal composite parts products. By vacuum system, pressure system, cooling system, central control system and supporting mechanical components. During the curing process of the composite product, according to the technical requirements of the process, the product is vacuum heated to achieve the purpose of curing the product. During the working process of the composite autoclave system, the temperature measurement point can be set in the heating area and the relevant part of the product. The temperature distribution can be controlled and displayed by the central control system, and the heating and cooling rates can be adjusted according to the process requirements to ensure the curing quality of the product. For important products, when curing, the tank is protected with an inert gas to prevent the flammable volatiles escaping from the product from burning or exploding during the curing process.

    The composite blank honeycomb sandwich structure or adhesive structure and a vacuum bag are sealed on a mold, placed in a composite autoclave, and heated under vacuum (or non-vacuum) to form a composite autoclave. , Pressurization, insulation, cooling, and pressure release processes, making it one of the forming methods required for advanced composite materials and their components. Composite components formed by composite autoclave are mainly used in the main and secondary bearing structures in the aerospace field. The molding process is simple, the workpiece is compact, the dimensional tolerance is small, and the void ratio is low. However, this method consumes a lot of energy. The auxiliary system is larger than the composite material autoclave forming flat composite material curing system formula is the key to the vacuum composite forming process. The composite autoclave process is mainly used for molding of resin-impregnated flat fabric composite parts. Because the resin-impregnated flat fabric can be realized by the solvent method and the hot melt method, this method can meet the molding of high-viscosity and high-performance resin-based composite materials. Impregnation problem, the material composite autoclave process cannot be implemented.

    In recent years, the composite autoclave molding method is considered to be a "high cost" composite structure manufacturing method. In addition to the concept of a "low cost method", the resin transfer method has formed a new and old trend. The material composite material autoclave forming method should be eliminated. In fact, the composite autoclave forming method is the main forming method of composite structural parts with mature and scale in engineering applications, which is determined by its characteristics:

    1) The pressure and temperature inside the tank are uniform. Under the joint action, the high fiber content of the composite material can be satisfied. The composite material has high mechanical properties and relatively stable physical properties. For example, the composite structural member has a low porosity and a uniform resin content.

    2) The composite material autoclave forming method has a wide range of applications. For example, laminated structures, sandwich structures, bonded structures, and sewn structures. The mold is relatively simple and efficient, and is particularly suitable for the molding of large composite structural parts with high performance requirements.

    As for how to reduce the cost of composite autoclave forming methods, many domestic research works have been performed, for example, to achieve "zero suction" for prepreg, positioning of auxiliary materials, and improvement of thermal efficiency. Cure mold structure and assembly. The optimization of the shape, the fair combination of structural components and tanks, and the fairness of the furnace test project have effectively promoted the reduction of manufacturing costs. Taking aircraft composite structural parts as an example, the manufacturing cost can save more than 1,200 yuan per 1kg of composite structural parts. If prepreg coating is changed to automatic coating in the manufacture of large composite structural parts, production efficiency will be significantly improved, and manufacturing costs will continue to decrease. It is therefore incorrect to consider it a "high cost" manufacturing method. After more than 30 years of technological development, its molding method is undoubtedly of great significance for the application of large-scale aircraft structural composites in fast lanes.


    In addition, with regard to the cost of composite materials manufactured by composite autoclaves, as more and more materials are used, more industries will be added and more research institutions will be added, so the price will definitely be further reduced. Of course, even if he is often seen in our production at present, we can imagine that at least cars will be used more and more in the future. Sports products are also, in the application of some materials for strengthening the quality and reducing hardness More and more extensive use of composite materials, if you have the needs of composite autoclaves, welcome to purchase and customize from our Zhucheng Xintai.
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