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Sporting goods autoclave

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Sports autoclave-Zhucheng Xintai autoclave can manufacturer
  • Sporting goods autoclave

Sporting goods autoclave

Product Category: Sports Products
Product introduction: Sports equipment autoclave is specially used for the production of sports goods. Many of our sports goods are made of carbon fiber materials. These materials are likely to be produced using sports goods autoclave. The deeper and deeper awareness has led to great development of fitness equipment and sports products, among which the autoclave of sports products has also gained further market share.
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Sports equipment autoclave is specially used for the autoclave production of sporting goods using carbon fiber material as raw material. At present, many sporting goods will use such materials, such as common mountain bikes. Such bicycles have light weight but ordinary strength. Several times the characteristics of steel, this is the benefit of the products produced by our sports goods autoclave.
For sports goods autoclave, its precise control is very important. Now our equipment produced by Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. as a professional autoclave manufacturer uses an automatic control system to make various controls Very accurate, the quality of the sports goods produced is better.
Control system introduction

It adopts professional hot pressure temperature control software, which is composed of PLC temperature control module, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, control box and link circuit.
The PLC temperature control module is used to collect the temperature data in the tank through the temperature sensor and transfer it to the PLC control box. The temperature value in the tank is displayed on the computer in real time.
Convenient and intuitive. The program in the heat preservation phase automatically calls the PID temperature setting to ensure the accuracy and stability of the temperature in the autoclave.
(1) The autoclave can be designed with multiple temperature control points and collect temperature data in the tank. The temperature error in the tank can be controlled between ± 0.50C and ± 20C.
(2) Reserve the temperature sensor pipeline and interface in the tank.
(3) The temperature value is displayed directly, which is convenient and intuitive, and convenient for the operator to watch with the naked eye.
(4) According to the technology of different products, multiple sets of process programs can be set independently.
(5) Controllable heating time, according to different product process requirements, the heating time can be controlled and changed.
The other systems of the autoclave for sporting goods are also very important, but the overall control system plays a decisive role in the process. A variety of processes can be stored in the control system in advance. We also provide guidance such as control system programming. You can rest assured Buy our products.

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