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Composite autoclave forming molds should meet those requirements

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The product quality gap in the products of composite autoclave processing depends largely on the quality of the molding mold. If you want to obtain high-quality composite products, then there must be scientific, Reasonable design, especially for large molds. When these molds are produced, they are large products. The price and quality requirements are also very strict. In addition to the quality of the parts, the size and weight of the molds affect the cost of the molds and the total cost of composite parts Manufacturing costs have a big impact. What we bring to you today is that the composite autoclave forming mold should meet those requirements.


(1) Analyze the engineering structure of the part. There are usually side panels, beams, ribs, girders, connectors, and integral box sections and other structural forms. According to the structure of the workpiece, the mold can have a general concept. The wall is usually a large frame structure. The beams are generally long and often have male molds and shapes. The long raft is usually a slender structure. The overall box part generally needs to close the mold up and down.

(2) Analysis of the engineering interface of the part. Whether there are aerodynamic surfaces, assembly surfaces, rubber surfaces, etc., these surfaces can generally be determined as film surfaces; but if these surface structures are more complex, the design can consider adding a compensation layer on the engineering interface side. At this time, you can design on the back of the engineering interface Film surface.

(3) Analyze the quality requirements of the parts. The dimensional accuracy of parts directly affects the quality requirements and cost of the mold. Precision can be achieved by designing a reasonable mold structure, positioning method, and processing method.

(4) Analyze the forming process of the part, whether it is co-bonding or second-hand co-curing (Figure 3). In co-curing, all layers are laid into the tank at one time and more molds need to be put together and used together. Generally, the entire set of molds is more complicated; the common glue is that the wet and dry parts enter the tank, and some molds, cured parts and wet-molded secondary cylinder curing molds are required; all parts are cured during the second bonding, and they pass The films are cured together. All zero-lay molds require increased layer weight and pressure on the laying head. On the support point of the mold base.

(5) Tool transfer process. The weight of the entire set of mold parts is applied to the wheels of the mold.

(6) When the tool is in a composite autoclave at 177 ° C (the allowable value of the material at this time is less than the allowable value at room temperature), the weight of the entire set of mold additives acts on the support point.


Above we introduced the requirements that some composite material autoclave forming dies should meet. If we can have more snacks on the forming dies, then the service life of the dies is also very helpful for our future production. Some customers want us to design and manufacture molds for Zhucheng Xintai. In fact, the manufacturing of equipment and the design of molds are two different things. They are different systems. If you want to obtain molds, there are actually many mold design and manufacturing companies of. Welcome to our Zhucheng Xintai to purchase composite autoclave equipment.
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