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Autoclave forming process equipment

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When molding carbon fiber composite materials, the equipment we need is an autoclave. This equipment, as its name implies, is a device that performs heat and pressure. It can heat and pressurize the material in the tank during work. In addition to this, In addition, it can also perform vacuum production and set the process time for automatic production. Autoclave is the key equipment in the composite material molding process. The principle of the autoclave forming process is to use the high-temperature compressed gas inside the autoclave to generate pressure to heat and press the composite material blank to complete the curing molding.


The autoclave forming process equipment includes the following major systems, and they collaborate to complete our composite material production.

Pressurization system: for inflation and pressurization, adjustable. Vacuum system: including vacuum tank, vacuum gauge and vacuum pipeline, which can meet the vacuum process requirements.

Heating system: It contains electric heating tube to pressurize the tank to provide the heat required by the process.

Cooling system: cooling after production is completed to speed up the overall production process.

Feeding system: including trolley, connecting bridge, ground track, etc.

Control system: can use automatic control or manual control.

Blowing system: including motor, fan, etc., and finally instrument valve.


The above is the introduction of the autoclave forming process equipment. Thank you for reading. I hope you can always follow us. We will release more autoclave related information in the follow-up. Customers are welcome to communicate with us to discuss business or exchange For more information about autoclave, let us know more to make better equipment.
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