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What are the contents of the autoclave tender notice

人气:414 发表时间:2019-07-25 09:44:32 Article source: Xintai autoclave popularity : 414Published time: 2019-07-25 09:44:32

In some enterprises that require autoclaves, especially when some large companies purchase equipment, they often invite tenders, and those who have not done the corresponding work do not know how to write the tender announcement. Today, we in Xincheng, Zhucheng Let's introduce this aspect and let everyone know what the autoclave tender announcement is.


Bidding number

2. Name of equipment package: for example: number of autoclaves: 1

3. Project Overview and Tendering Scope: Some plans for your own autoclave project are convenient for autoclave manufacturers to understand.

4. Qualifications and main technical requirements: Qualification requirements: Taking autoclave as an example, it is necessary to have the "Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Regulations" issued by China National Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. The bidder shall have a pressure vessel design license, and the manufacturer of the tank (outsourced) shall have a pressure vessel production license. For some special models, such as large-scale equipment, manufacturers need to provide corresponding experience for the bidders to understand.

Technical requirements (example):

The vacuum pump has one use and one preparation; the lifting vacuum rate is -0.01 ~ -0.1MPa / min, and the vacuum lifting rate can be controlled. The suction speed of a single vacuum pump should be ≥280m3 / h.

The working pressure of the gas storage tank should be ≥ 3.5 MPa, the designed capacity of the gas storage tank should be ≥ 2500 Nm3, and the air compressor should pressurize the gas storage tank from 0 to the maximum working pressure <8 hours.

Pressure rise time from 0 ~ 0.8MPa≤15min, pressure rise time from 0.8 ~ 1.2MPa≤15min; pressure fall time from 1.2 ~ 0MPa≤30min.

Effective working inner diameter: Φ3m.

Effective working length: 5m.

5. Release time and place of bidding documents: Some manufacturers and even bidding documents need to use money to purchase or pay a deposit to participate.

6. Submit time and place of bidding documents.


7. Bid opening time and place.

8. Contact information.

The above is what the autoclave bidding announcement brought by Zhucheng Xintai for you is just a reference. In fact, there is no standard. It is regulated by the bidding company. In this case, the bidding company becomes With a decision maker, autoclave manufacturers can only follow the requirements of bidding companies, but at this time, the quotes provided by autoclave manufacturers will generally be high and profits will generally be higher.
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