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Structure of autoclave system

人气:418 发表时间:2019-07-29 15:58:35 Article source: Xintai autoclave popularity : 418Published time: 2019-07-29 15:58:35

There are not many manufacturers specializing in the equipment of autoclave, but there is also a certain market. These autoclave manufacturers, including Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd., have continued to compete and have accumulated technology. Manufacturers with low competitiveness can be easily squeezed out, and this autoclave product has reached a certain degree of technology after undergoing a series of improvements. By the end, the technology has become very mature. The other is that each manufacturer The equipment produced will also have some advantages of its own. Although the structure of each autoclave system has the same parts, it also has its own advantages. Today we will introduce the structure of the autoclave system for our Zhucheng Xintai as an example. .


When our Zhucheng Xintai autoclave is running, it is a set of automatic control equipment, which can realize the timing and real-time online control of process parameters such as temperature, pressure and vacuum. If we want to realize a complete set of functions, our system structure is composed of multiple devices. It can play its powerful role only when we combine the system structure. It is mainly composed of the following subsystems:

(1) Sealed cavity system of autoclave tank: from the tank body, the door opening mechanism, the sealed motor and the insulation layer to form a high pressure resistance container cavity, which is also the main part of the equipment pressure container.

(2) Autoclave pressure system: It consists of pressure transmission and regulation system, including compressor, gas storage tank, pressure regulating valve, pipeline, transmitter and pressure gauge.

(3) Autoclaved tank heating system: Electric heating pipes are evenly distributed at the end of the tank, and the heating power meets the maximum temperature requirements and indoor heating rate requirements.

(4) Autoclave air system: It consists of circulating fan, air guide hood and shroud to accelerate heat flow and form a uniform temperature field.

(5) Autoclave vacuum system: It consists of vacuum pump, electric wire, vacuum gauge and vacuum valve to provide vacuum conditions for packaging composite prefabricated parts.

(6) Autoclave control system: PID and fuzzy control are used to achieve high-precision control of pressure and temperature and real-time recording.


From the above we can see that the autoclave is composed of multiple systems. If you like our equipment, you are welcome to contact us through the contact information on the website. We also prefer customers to come to us. The actual inspection and inspection of the factory building is different from other manufacturers in our equipment manufacturing process. Customers believe that the technology may be learned, but the serious attitude of the product can not be learned.
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