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What kind of autoclave seal

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As far as the autoclave seals are concerned, there are actually many such accessories of the same model. We can easily buy them in many places, but we cannot buy them at will because there are several differences, such as It is very different from some steam-pressurized pressure vessels, so we should choose the seal ring of the autoclave.


The selection of autoclave sealing ring requires more care, mainly for the following reasons.

1. The inside of the tank is directly heated by hot air, and some pressure vessels of the same type use steam as a heating medium, which will have a certain impact on the seal ring.

2. The temperature is different. The temperature of some equipment is more than 100 degrees. The working temperature of our autoclave can even reach more than 200 degrees Celsius. Such seals used in other equipment need to be treated differently to choose a better one.


The choice of autoclave seals is still based on your process. We recommend choosing high temperature resistant seals, so that even if the process is changed later, the old seals can still work normally. If a sealing ring is selected from a supplier of poor quality, if there is a problem during use, we generally choose to stop production for safety. At this time, the products in the tank may be stopped halfway due to this reason and the material will be discarded, so please choose Good quality sealing ring, if you don't know much about it, you can call us to Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd.
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Address: North Section of Luhe Avenue, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province
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