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Autoclave forming technology

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Autoclave forming technology is a key holding tool. It is also a set of processes. Although this process is called autoclave forming technology, it should be designed when it is layered in the front. Is a manufacturer of autoclave, although we have not reached the specialization of the process, but today we are still willing to introduce some of what we know for you.


The autoclave formation refers to a process in which a single-layer prepreg is laid in a predetermined direction in a composite material blank to be placed in the autoclave to complete a curing process at a constant temperature and pressure. The autoclave is a special pressure vessel that can withstand and adjust the temperature and pressure range. The blank is placed on the surface of the mold with a release agent, then covered with a porous release cloth (film), a suction felt, sealed in a vacuum bag, and then placed in an autoclave. Before heating and curing, the bag is evacuated to remove air and volatile substances, and then heated, pressurized and cured according to the curing system of different resins.
In order to achieve a good autoclave forming technology, what we should do is not plagiarism but more experiments to find our own key technology. Among the autoclave we sell are many lab autoclaves. These equipment In fact, it was used by the manufacturer for experimentation after the process was purchased. The equipment is low in cost and easy to produce, so it has been well received. If necessary, you can also buy one. Generally manufacturers have such equipment so that the experiment will not affect the production of the main line.


The formulation and implementation of the curing system is the key to ensuring the quality of the autoclave. After heating to a certain temperature, press the billet again, control the pressure, and ensure that the workpiece is compacted, that is, to ensure that air and volatiles are discharged to the maximum. Do not extrude too much resin. You must pass the resin measurement. The process of heating and pressing is determined by the change of viscosity, dielectric constant or reaction heat during curing. The mold structure used is simple, the compact is compact, and the porosity is low; the fiber direction and volume fraction, and the shape and geometry of the component can be ensured in the component. Suitable for composite molding of laminates and sandwich structures. This molding process is widely used in many large structural components in the aerospace and aerospace industries.
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