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Matters needing attention during routine maintenance of military autoclave

人气:186 发表时间:2019-11-01 16:05:04 Article source: Xintai Autoclave Popularity: 186Published time: 2019-11-01 16:05:04

The application of the military autoclave is very extensive, which also makes it widely used. In fact, the working principle of the product is the same no matter how it is changed. It only provides a high temperature, high pressure, time, and vacuum for the process. Wait for the environment, and then the job is to set the process. Different products have different process characteristics. This requires the manufacturer to set it. Many customers can not buy a laboratory autoclave for experiments. Just a moment, of course, you can also carry out the experiment slowly during production. However, today's editor is about matters needing attention during routine maintenance of military autoclave.
1. Illegal reconstruction is not allowed. The military autoclave is a pressure vessel. It is forbidden to change its structure after leaving the factory.
2. It is forbidden to remove the nameplate of the pressure vessel. This should always be with the equipment.
3. For models with pin on the tooth side of the clutch door, do not rotate the locking ring beyond the correct position. The lock ring may not turn back to the direction it was in when it was opened.
4. When opening and closing the cover, the corresponding handle should be in the fully opened position to avoid forcibly opening and damaging the ring gear. .
5. Impurities must not be mixed into the equipment. The materials produced by the military autoclave are very strict in quality and composition.
6. All kinds of lubricating parts should be refueled in time and corresponding maintenance should be done.


7. The maintenance, disassembly and assembly of this device must be performed by professionals. To avoid personal injury or damage to the device.
The above are the precautions that military editors need to pay attention to during the routine maintenance of military autoclaves. During normal production, you can pay more attention to regular maintenance and maintenance of military autoclaves to extend the service life of military autoclaves. If used properly, the service life of the equipment is longer than the design life. It is also normal. Many people do not care about the daily use, which causes the equipment to corrode in advance.
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