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Autoclave trolley

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Take the autoclave produced by our Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. as an example, as long as the size is not a small-scale locust lab autoclave, unless the customer needs, there will generally be an autoclave cart. This cart has no customers who have used autoclave. Maybe you do n’t understand. It is not for autoclave. In fact, it is just a material cart. Zhucheng Xintai New Material Co., Ltd. will introduce the autoclave cart for you.
The autoclave is generally equipped with a mold during the production of composite materials, and such a autoclave tank is also called a material cart when it is loaded into the inside of the equipment. The materials are loaded on the cart, and then pushed into the equipment for corresponding hot-press curing. The trolley will travel on the guide rail for the convenience. The guide rail is at the bottom of the autoclave, and when it is pushed out, there is a corresponding hinge and other design for easy pulling out and entering.
In some cases, the trolley is also a double-layer design. This will vary according to the use situation. Some customers who do not have very high quality requirements can also perform welding on their own, because this requirement is not very strict, and our manufacturers are specialized Professionals for welding pressure vessels have high costs. Customers can make the equipment themselves to further reduce the price of the equipment. It is very cost-effective for customers. In many cases, this car is not needed or temporarily If necessary, the rails can be laid by us. Other cases can be followed up by the customer. Of course, in order to make the equipment work well, it is recommended to manufacture autoclave trolleys from our autoclave manufacturer Zhucheng Xintai New Materials Co., Ltd. If there are other ideas, we will also provide the corresponding drawings for customers to make their own flexible changes and manufacturing according to their own products.
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