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Vacuum autoclave

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  • Vacuum autoclave

Vacuum autoclave

Product Category: Vacuum Autoclave
Product introduction: Vacuum autoclave is a autoclave with a vacuum function during the process of thermocompression curing. At present, this type of equipment generally has a vacuum function. Our company provides pictures, quotes, Rules, usage skills, etc. If you have questions and requirements related to vacuum autoclave equipment, you can always contact us.
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工艺设备,真空热压罐的成型工艺是将复合材料毛坯、蜂窝夹心结构或胶 接结构用真空袋密封在模具上,置于设备中然后在真空(按照工艺也可能是在 非真空)状态下,经过升温、加压、保温(中温或高温)保 压、降温卸压过程,使其成为所需要形状和质量状态制品的 成型工艺方法。 Vacuum autoclave is the key process equipment for forming polymer-based composite component products. The forming process of vacuum autoclave is to seal the composite blank, honeycomb sandwich structure or glued structure on the mold with a vacuum bag and place it in the equipment. Then under vacuum (may also be non-vacuum according to the process ), through the process of heating, pressing, holding (medium temperature or high temperature) pressure holding , cooling and pressure relief, to make it into the desired shape and quality state of the molding process .

蜂窝夹心结构及金属或复合材料胶接结构的主要成型方法之 一。 Vacuum autoclave forming process is one of the main forming methods for widely used composite material structures, honeycomb sandwich structures and metal or composite material bonded structures . 现固化,所以可得到表面与内部质量较高,结构复杂,面积 巨大的复合材料制件。 When the material is molded, the uniform temperature and pressure environment provided by the device is used to achieve curing, so composite materials with high surface and internal quality, complex structure and large area can be obtained . 还与其他组分(固化剂、交联促进剂等)有关,外界条件一 温度、压力和时间因素对固化起着重要的作用,通常称这三 个因素为主要工艺参数,一切真空热压罐成型工艺方法都要根据 基体树脂的分子结构变化规律确定其相应的工艺参数,热压 罐必须具备实现控制这些工艺参数的功能。 The curing of the composite matrix resin is related not only to the molecular structure of the resin, but also to other components (curing agent, cross-linking accelerator, etc.). External conditions such as temperature, pressure, and time play an important role in curing. Generally, These three factors are referred to as the main process parameters. All vacuum autoclave forming process methods must determine their corresponding process parameters according to the molecular structure change law of the matrix resin. The autoclave must have the function of controlling these process parameters.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of this equipment. If you have the requirements of this equipment, you can contact us.

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